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SPA006 / Aaron Brown

Aaron Brown
A Suicide Note For Life

SPA006 / 56 PAGES / EDITION OF 150


Aaron Brown is an LA-based director and photographer, who collaborates under the URL Focus Creeps. The journalistic images in "A Suicide Note For Life" present cultural interludes, timely happenstances and deadpan ephemera alongside universalist, self-help one-liners. Detached poise connects disparate imagery and together, the juxtapositions demonstrate that universals can't always account for the beautiful or tragic details of a single moment.

Dr. Woo
SPA005 / Mark Dutcher and Maw Shein Win

Mark Dutcher and Maw Shein Win
Ruins of a Glittering Palace

SPA005 / 40 PAGES / EDITION OF 200


In Ruins of a Glittering Palace, Mark Dutcher and Maw Shein Win explore the idea of loss, the will to live, and how memory fades. Memory and memorial. They are interested in how events and people are sometimes reduced to just beauty, melancholy, and atmosphere. These are the starting points for this series of paintings and poems. Debris covered in glitter. The beauty of a ruin.

SPA007 / Kyle De Lotto

Kyle De Lotto
Howlin' at the Moon


A tour through the modern metropolis as guided by artist Kyle DeLotto, Howlin' at the Moon explores a series of casually formulaic images taken on walks around Los Angeles. Each photograph documents dogs' primitive reactions to the other in an upending of LA's picturesque cityscape. The absence of human beings points to just that and the consistency and repetitive quality of each image peels away aesthetic importance and leaves a single picture of a paranoid culture and primal emotion.


Jerry Hsu
The Killing Season

SPA003 / 112 PAGES / EDITION OF 150


Jerry Hsu’s debut solo publication, The Killing Season, chronicles Hsu’s off-putting 3-week motorcycle ride across Vietnam. In the midst of narrowly avoiding death, breaking a rib, and making the 1,100 mile trek through constant downpour, Hsu was compelled to discover beauty. The photographs capture simultaneous moments of purity and human behavior. It is a documentation of dangerously careless speed, drifting along the highway, and living without regrets.

SPA002 / Giovanni Duca

Giovanni Duca
I Can't Raise Hell For Two

SPA002 / 44 PAGES / EDITION OF 200


Giovanni Duca lives in Los Angeles. I Can't Raise Hell For Two is the result of an attempt to explore and capture the city's odd beauty. Duca interested in capturing accidental human-made symmetry, and the emotional relationships between people, objects, architecture and environment.

SPA001 / Eric Yahnker

Eric Yahnker
15 Get Wells and 1 Sorry for Your Loss

SPA001 / 16 Pages / Edition of 500

SPA004 / Trevor Hernandez

Trevor Hernandez
Between a Ghost
and a Cloud

SPA004 / 60 Pages / Edition of 200


Between a Ghost and a Cloud depicts a quiet Los Angeles landscape filled with humor & beauty. The scenes selected reveal a city filled with fragility and simplicity often overlooked in an overwhelming environment.

Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Trevor Hernandez studied fine art at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California.

but remember,
if you lie when you’re young
it becomes the truth when
you’re old

sometimes its better to lie

there's always a choice